“Mending Fences” – Rodric Leerling

broken fenceIt’s Spring time and that means time to mend fences. Literally. Our garden fence suffered from heavy beatings during the numerous Winter storms and badly needed repair.

I recently had some time at hand and decided to start exploring the fence condition. To discover two completely rotten poles and loose hanging fence elements. The fence is shared with our elderly neighbours, the male partner being a retired math teacher and usually not too interested in this kind of activity. So when I informed him of the dire fence condition and that it badly needed restoration, he spoke these wise words: “sure, please go ahead and let me know the costs” and returned inside, to continue reading his newspaper.

Well, I did the hard labour work and had two poles replaced after digging out the broken 15 year older versions. Added an extra support on my side to prevent it from falling over again and will close the fence later this week. Decoration work and extra paint, just on my side of course, will follow when temperatures are better.

I just hope that ‘mending fences’, apart from the literal meaning, also worked figuratively in improving neighbour relations, but at least I invested in it and the fence is back to live for another 10 years.

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