“Go forth and publish” – Rodric Leerling

day plannkingMy blog publishing frequency is increasing by the week. I picked up this good habit last month. Not all pieces are published and may stay in draft for a while. Maybe they can be used later after another edit round. Others are published without much further ado.

This morning I received a list of tools to stay productive throughout a business day. Very useful and most of them free to download on your phone or laptop. And not only the tools itself, but also the order in which they are presented struck me. One of the striking tips was listed as nr.2 in the morning, after meditation: writing. Just write something and clear your mind!

Followed by the usual to-do-list and collab tools for meetings, in the office or remote. A creative brainstorm when distracted in the afternoon and workout when your lungs are at their max at 5PM. Then another of my fav habits is listed: podcasts to train to listen and relax your mind. Finish the day with journaling or keeping a diary, something I have to start doing again as well. Finish the day off with a good drink (no booz tools available) and doze off for a good 9hrs sleep.

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