“Never replace a doorbell” – Rodric Leerling

deurverkoopEver since we replaced our broken doorbell it has been ringing like a madman. As a new tune, we chose the first line of the American National Hymne and it’s already driving us nuts.

Today, after another salesman tried to sell us something, we concluded that by not replacing the doorbell earlier, we saved ourselves from many unwanted solicitations. We simply didn’t know someone was at the door and the people we did expect would quickly realize the doorbell was broken and used the old-fashion knock on the window.

Yesterday, it was another energy sales guy. After showing his badge and a friendly smile, he started the conversation with an excuse. His colleagues should have sent us an offer for much better energy rates and he was checking if we received it. Uhuh. And I’m not interested as I just renewed my contract. Which is true.

This morning, another guy started a conversation in English and offered to clean my driveway. He was already doing it in the neighbourhood, so ready to start rolling. Uhuh. I can, and will do this myself soon. By the way, as you are in Holland, speaking Dutch would help your sales effort mate. Goodbye!

This afternoon, a really friendly person tried to sell us a donation for the Make-A-Wish foundation. Sympathatic, of course, but we decided a long time ago we won’t buy anything at the door. An exception is made for door-to-door money collection which is run by volunteers like ourselves. For that reason we will just keep the new doorbell plugged in for a while and our right hand raised to the chest when it rings!

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