“My advice to LvG” – Rodric Leerling

LvG FenglishThe Dutch have traditionally done business wherever and whenever. And with just a little more luck in trading their New Amsterdam property, the world would now speak Dutch as main language. But alas, Afrikaans is the closest we got in exporting a language.

But some Dutch businessmen think that, being an Anglo Saxon language, we are so close to English (and German) they can be lazy and translate from Dutch and expect everyone will understand anyhow. Just check a press conference by Dutch ManUnited coach Louis van Gaal and feel the embarassment start rushing through your veins.

My advice to coach LvG: when doing business abroad and speaking another language, train yourself in standard expressions and its idiom. Never try to translate an expression from your mother tongue into English, certainly not on the spot. Don’t be arrogant and spend time to learn the other language properly and pay respect to their native speakers.

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