“Reffing future pros” – Rodric Leerling

scheids noteertThe Dutch FA is increasingly adding info bits to the referee assignment platform. Every time a report is submitted, you now get an email, while in the old days you had to guess when an assessor had visited your game and wrote a report on your performance.

To my surprise (and slight worry) a new report appeared on my last weekend’s game, reffing U16 boys at a Dutch professional football club. The weather predictions were slightly better for PM so I gambled on using specs instead of lenses. Bad mistake. We were hit by rain and hailstorm during 1st half. But no comment from the assessor about it. I changed to lenses in 2nd half and it staid dry. Typical.

In the 3-4 reports per season we are awarded points in 11 categories with letters A-E, A being highest, E lowest. My score this time: 10xA and 1xB is an exceptional good score. I will keep my promotion aspirations alive but know also I’m competing against former pro refs winding down their career and awarded games in the Pro Youth League. I’m serving as their stand-in. Two of these games per season compensate however for sometimes lousy and difficult games in lower leagues.

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